Hi. My name is Drew Sykes, and WELCOME to my website.


If I had to give my life story in one sentence, I’d say that “I’m a Greensboro, NC kid who loves sports and music, writes about LIFE, has a winning smile, quotes John Mayer like it’s his job, thinks he’s funny, and coins terms like ‘Live Hype.’”

But how much can you really GET from one sentence?  The purpose of this site is to showcase myself, so here we go.

I’m a graduate of Elon University’s M.A. Interactive Media program. I like to say it was like the “sampler platter of interactivity.” At Elon, I was trained in web strategy and all of the latest computer software. We were taught how to take the media of yesterday and turn it into the media of tomorrow, and learned how to approach multiple styles of production in a way that would translate into different forms of emerging media.

My background is in writing, and I earned a B.A. English Creative Writing at North Carolina State University in 2008 (Go WOLFPACK). Lately my work has been more on the production/interactive level, but my WRITING will always be the foundation of anything I do.  Ultimately, when it comes to choosing a career path, I want to end up in the entertainment world creating media that will turn heads and make people smile.

Why?  Because I’m a people kinda guy.  My goal in writing is to produce passages and products that people can RELATE to, and one of my favorite things to do is write in a voice that can be “heard” through the text.

Now, if I could go into a “Job Store” and choose a job on a shelf, I’d walk in, point, and say, “Yes, can I have that host job, please?  The one next to Jimmy Fallon?” and if they were out of that, “Oh, ok. How bout the screenwriting job next to ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Office’? Thanks.”

Of course, we all know life doesn’t work that way, but my highest goals would be to find a job as an On-Air Talent or writer for a major studio.  In the MEANTIME, I want to get started moving in this direction, and I’d be happy as your storyteller.

Yeah, “storyteller” is a BROAD word, and I mean it in the broad sense.  I love to tell STORIES, because everyone and everything has one, but they’re often overlooked or never heard.  What I want to do is go out and create and produce these stories, so that the rest of the world can be moved and inspired by what they’re otherwise missing out on.

So call me on this.  I want to write your scripts.  I want to produce and edit your videos and stories.  I want to create commercials and scenarios that will sell your product.  I want to be the guy who spreads the word of your company or cause.

I want to inspire the world.